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FitFirst for Kids is an environment where FITNESS IS FUN and CONFIDENCE GROWS. We “tested the water” last year with a few kids sessions and we loved what we saw – the kids thoroughly enjoyed the onscreen instruction, the upbeat music and personal attention from their trainers.

We are so excited for this new chapter at FitFirst and we cannot wait to  help your kids learn how to skip, improve their hand-eye co-ordination, work on flexibility and most importantly, encourage them to enjoy being active and physical! They will thank you when they are older!

Our Kids Fitness Sessions focus on motor skill development and cardio vascular endurance, while also concentrating on stretching to improve flexibility and mobility. We incorporate basic body weight movements and dynamic skipping activities for a 30 minute fun-filled and highly beneficial workout for your little ones! Group sizes are limited to 8 kids per session, ensuring that they each receive  the personal attention they need.

The numerous health benefits gained from skipping include:

  • Improving your child’s coordination and motor skills, resulting in better sport performances;
  • Increasing your child’s blood flow which has been linked to higher concentration levels and improved academic performance;
  • Improving your child’s cardiovascular system and bone mass;
  • Burning calories and;
  • Improving your child’s muscular tone.

With onscreen instruction keeping them stimulated and engaged, the personal attention from our trainers, and the upbeat music, they’ll love every second!

Kids Fitness sessions can be purchased as follows:

Package 1: 10 sessions R600 (expires in 12 weeks)
Package 2: 20 sessions R1000 (expires in 12 weeks)

Sessions are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays 15:15-15:45.

You can book and manage your child’s sessions using our online booking system. You will create a booking profile for your little one. Once payment has been received, your profile will be loaded with prepaid credits (10 or 20) and you can book your child’s sessions. Please note that sessions can be booked and canceled up 24 hours before the scheduled session.


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Please give us a shout on 082 220 7201 if you are uncertain of anything – we are here to help!